The Vitaminwater Universe

To launch vitaminwater's new bottle copy, we created the vitaminwater universe, composed of "worlds" based on the new labels we wrote. What follows is considered canon in the VWCU (Vitaminwater Content Universe).

XXX / Summer Blockbuster


 We followed the label’s instructions and created the summer's least-anticipated blockbuster: Dogs Lost In A Maze That Is Also In Egypt.


DLIAMTIAIE Teaser Trailer

Squeezed/Brandon's World

Brandon is a "self-made entrepreneur" who minored in business, has lots of career advice and little career experience, and refuses to cut his hair. His world began as a phone number on a Squeezed bottle.


When you dial the number on the bottle, you’re greeted by Brandon's assistant, who then promptly puts you (and leaves you) on hold:



When he’s not extremely busy, Brandon posts unsolicited advice to his dozens of followers on Linkedin.

Join his professional network today at

Focus/Kiwi-Strawberry University

The Focus bottle featured nonsensical word problems and prompted you to submit your answers to


If you sent literally anything to the email address, you’d receive this auto-reply from “Dr. Professor” who’s taken a leave of absence from Kiwi-Strawberry University, home of America’s brightest minds.

"We Are K-SU" Promo

K-SU Website


You can still apply to Kiwi-Strawberry Class of 2020 at

Essential/The Essentials In My Bag

No campaign is complete without a horny influencer.


With Amy Wheeler

Creative Directors: Caleb Jensen, Jimm Lasser